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Happy Bastille Day !

Happy Bastille Day !

Hope you were able to do something French today as an homage to Bastille day which 225 years ago, dramatically altered  the course of the human history.

There are  so many “French things” to experience  that it is challenging  to choose from: French fashion, French fries. French songs , French kisses…

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In this picture I am trying to capture French: Bleu, Blanc et  Rouge  (colors of the French…

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Mad Men inspiration


Man Men TV series ended, with it my reason to ever watch TV. I absolutely loved the show:from its writing to the costumes, everything was great!  This last season I fully watched on the iTunes. It’s ending made me think more about the relevance of television in general.

I feel TV in its traditional sense is dead and online media is slowly but surely is taking its place: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon,…

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Easter, Steve Jobs and Facebook

Easter, Steve Jobs and Facebook


I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, since I only have Netflix, and I normally don’t watch it either for the lack of time,  so when I finally got time this weekend, I went on a “movie binge” and watched  2 movies back to back!

I watched Steve Jobs and The Social Network (both for the first time I must say).

Loved both movies!

Not because of cinematography or costumes, that I usually gravitate…

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Does Train ride induces creativity?

Does Train ride induces creativity?

Everyone has their favorite place to write: it might be at that little table in Starbucks, in the bathtub, in the car; at the office…favorite places are as many as there are people.

Evelina Galli

In Tiger print Komarov top

I have read about Catherine de Great that she had a tiny room where she liked to write her letters and about Pushkin that he liked to write in his bed…it made me think where do you write…

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Exclusive Interview with SHELLEY KOMAROV on working with Matthew McConaughey

Exclusive Interview with SHELLEY KOMAROV on working with Matthew McConaughey

Evelina Galli:

Congratulations to Oscar Winners!

Originally posted on komarovstyle:

Below please find our exclusive interview with Shelley Komarov on designing for Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Winner, Matthew McConaughey.


How would you say designing for fashion models differs from designing costumes for the bank robbers in The Newton Boys?  How would you describe their style?

When you…

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Health Thursday: Relaxing baths

Health Thursday: Relaxing baths


One of the best ways to pumper yourself is to take a bath, put on a nice music  and light up some candles. Warm water helps muscles to relax . Relaxed muscles send signal to the brain, that “everything is fine you can relax” and brain follows the body and slowly calms down.

The whole experience can only improve by adding some aromatic salts into the water.

Here is one of my favorite  DIY recipes…

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Time Management Monday: Start With Why

Time Management Monday: Start With Why

A great book I’ve been reading lately is START WITH WHY by Simon Sinek.  It’s great for business owners or just people looking to make an impact in the world.

He goes through various examples of famous people or companies and why they are more profitable, have loyal customers and have repeated success compared to other companies.  He talks about defining WHY you are doing something and using that…

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Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration is a time to rest, reflect and appreciate what’s around us.

For this week I have quote from Theodore Roosevelt: ”Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

It’s easy to give up when doubt stares you in the face.  But just remember that believing you can do something is half that battle.  I find that once I believe in something, it is easier to motivate myself to do it.  And the…

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Saturday Entertainment: Oscar Party

Saturday Entertainment: Oscar Party

For Saturday Entertainment I wanted to share some ideas about hosting an Oscar party. The Oscars are taking place Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 and it’s going to be a great show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.  Here are some ideas to make your party great.

1-Make sure to print ballots of all the awards so your guests have something to do when they first arrive.

2-Have wine and beer options but then have a…

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